Trevor has been a CG creating, Concept designing, Camera tracken, professional pixel pimpen perfectionist (Visual Effects Supervisor) upwards of 20 years.   Working hard on various films to the likes of District 9, Zombieland, Black Panther, and Harry Potter to name a few. In addition to various television series such as Battle Star Galactica and Falling Skies. With an undying love for film and story telling Trevor is always adapting new technology and techniques to further his craft in the suspension of disbelief.   Juxtaposed to creating in the digital realm, Trevor is also an avid knife smith and fabricator, he is as much at home in the machine shop building creations in the real world. Objects of a precious nature that can be held and admired in the hands of the observer. The mix between physical and digital building skills compliment each other and help Trevor better achieve his creative endeavors. 

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