An import from the US, Sarah E Got her BA in sculpting/ceramics/theater, she then moved to Chicago where she produced and designed theater for 5 years before moving to Vancouver in 2009 to attend Vancouver Film School and work in film. Since then, she has worked on a multitude of projects in both the Indie and Union worlds and has also had her own MUFX shop space building creatures and FX. SE built prosthetics (Except for Elder Sam) on Seasons 3 & 4 of VanHelsing and built all pieces (except the eye gag) for Season 1 of Wu Assassins. In 2012 SE was a contestant on SYFY's Face Off season 3 making it to the final 5 contestants and was on the winning final team building/applying one of the characters fully. SarahE has been nominated for 6 Leo's with 2 wins and she is not a fan of talking about that stuff. But, that is what she looks like in a MUFX nutshell. Maybe a walnut shell, or perhaps a peanut. 

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