I would like to think that I am a true coddiwompler at heart.  Inspiration strikes. I may not know which direction to head, but by putting one curious toe out the porthole and just committing to sail into uncharted waters has been the most rewarding way that I find my path of calling. The winds change often, but arts and the environment is where my heart truly sings. After studying as a jeweller amidst the ruggedly beautiful mountains of kootenays, I longed to create more than just jewellery. I put my strange imagination at work and the possibilities were endless.  It was only a matter of time before I ended up in the film Industry; Driven, confused, Jack of all arts, passionate, transient, with a touch of artistic madness.  While traveling New Zealand, inspiration was in everything; every gnarled root, sulphurous mud belch, cavernous glaciers and hobbit holes; and like Bilbo I coddiwompled my way in to my first big adventure. My first film gig.  I haven't (for the most part) looked back.  I can’t begin to count how many treacherous swamps, seemingly endless swathes of surprisingly stingy stinging nettles, trolls, wolves, and thick gnarly thorn brambles have barricaded my missions; yet I am able to see the magic in mystery and explore my passion without borders. I will continue down the road of creating all kinds of art, and uncovering a spark in curious places I would not have otherwise found. 

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