Born and raised in the West Coast Wilderness, Bev is an all-around outdoor lady/ creature who is more at home in the forest than anywhere.  Somewhere between gaming, travelling, cycling, yoga, brewing (and drinking) beer, riding horses and motorcycles, Bev found herself working at AFL living out all her wildest sci-fi / fantasy dreams of becoming a professional nerd. She loves working in a creative environment surrounded by good people, and is always ready with a cringe-worthy pun or Dad joke. Her insatiable thirst for adventure, trying new things, exploring and finding new places has landed her the position of vlogger at AFL. She loves animals and nature, and as a former archaeologist, she has a deep appreciation for history and the occult. She drives like an asshole but has a good heart. There is a little wiggle room in there for food, friends, family and comedy. 

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