“In an industry that’s fun for me & I’m actually interested in”

“Cool coworkers that I get along with”

“Positive boss who I also get along with and teaches me a lot”

“Convenient location with easy free parking”

“Can dress casual to work”

These were literally a few things I wrote on my job manifestation list just before I became the marketing manager here at A Filthy Lot. I’ve been a big believer in manifestation for a while now and it’s been fulfilling to finally see some of my manifestations come into fruition in the last year. Since I’ve learned how to manifest more of the things I want, I’ve grew a passion for empowering others to also create their dream lives. I’ve always been a pretty spiritual person and I love relating things to astrology, so there will be a lot of astrology references in this post.

Unlike many of my coworkers, I don’t come from a film background and would love to share my experience coming into this role. I have a marketing background and have worked in the fashion, hospitality and fitness industries in the past. I’ve also spent time working on a few different entrepreneur business ventures along the way. Throughout my earlier career days, I often felt like I didn’t belong in my environment and felt lost a lot of the time. I studied business in university and never felt like I belonged in the corporate world as it just wasn’t something I was attracted to.

A little astrology tidbit to unfold more of my career journey

I’m a Pisces sun so at my core, I’ve always been a creative and dreamy person. Hence, I’ve had big dreams and goals ever since I was young. My moon and rising signs are both in Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign that is practical and can also be critical and nit-picky. Virgo is also the opposite of Pisces so I’ve constantly felt this inner battle inside of me because of my opposing sun and moon signs. Virgos tend to be very health conscious and I can see why I previously chose to work as a personal trainer for about 5 years.

My mars is in Aquarius and the mars sign reveals more about our drive, how we make decisions in life, our aggressive instincts, what makes us angry and how we express that anger. The Aquarius energy is original, innovative and open-minded. They hate being controlled and if they ever feel boxed in, they will rebel. I bring this up because I’ve had quite an entrepreneurial spirit ever since I can remember, and I attribute some of this to the Aquarius side of me.

Midheaven is the highest point in your astrology chart and it reveals your highest aspirations in life, your career path, your reputation and how you go about achieving it. My midheaven is in Taurus and Taureans are steady, persistent people who understand that reaching their goals can take time. Hence, once I discovered my passion for content creation and making Youtube videos, I’ve stuck to it for many years and it’s become something I enjoy doing for myself even if no one else is watching my content. Taureans also appreciate beauty, like being hands-on and strongly require financial stability to satisfy their wants and needs in life. Thus, I can see why I enjoy content creation because I love being able to be hands-on with the editing style and creating my own aesthetic. Taurus and Aquarius are quite contrasting signs and I can see that I’ve felt lost in the past because there’s the side of me that wants to be an entrepreneur and start new projects, but being an entrepreneur can throw off my Taurus side as it can be a rocky journey and not very stable.

After going through years in jobs and work that either didn’t support my lifestyle financially or involved a company culture that just wasn’t for me, I was determined to find a career path that would meet all my wants and needs. I had tried to manifest my dream job in the past, but it just didn’t work out and I realized there were a few things I needed to adjust about my mindset before I could get what I wanted.

3 tips that helped me manifest my current dream role:


I let go of things that weren’t serving me anymore. This included leaving a toxic 13-year relationship that was draining me a lot of the time. I became aware of certain past traumas that affected my work life and how I am as an overall person. I confronted these traumas within myself, forgave myself and others and released any limiting mindsets. This was extremely challenging, but worth it as these traumas were holding me back from my fullest potential.



When I was searching for opportunities, I wasn’t only being the interviewee but I also interviewed the employer to make sure it was a good fit for me. I was honest with what I was looking for and refused to settle for anything less than what was on my manifestation list. I stopped acting like how I thought other people wanted me to act and did my best to be my true authentic self when meeting my potential employers.



In the past, I would be very rigid with my goals and manifestation lists. For example, I would be fixated on being successful with only a specific project or landing a very definitive role. After I freed myself of these limited goals and started being open to what the universe had to offer me, I gained more direction on my career and landed my dream job. I changed my manifestation list to include things that I wanted in my work environment, rather than an exact role or company.


Ever after landing my current dream job, it doesn’t end here! There will always be challenges along the journey and I’m expecting a lot of learning and growth to come. I’m very grateful to be in the role that I am in now and looking forward to seeing what we create here at A Filthy Lot. I’m ready for this exciting adventure!


Written by Jacquelyn Son